Is tiger lake the best processor for thin laptops?

Intel has just celebrated its 11th generation of core technology.

Alongside this celebration, Intel also held a virtual event. This event was designed to announce an official launch, albeit of a product that they have already made the industry aware of.

The code name for this announcement and the work that has gone into it is Tiger Lake, and it takes a look and thin laptops and ChromeOS laptops as opposed to the more standard-sized laptops.


The idea of Tiger Lake is that it is designed to assist these thin laptops to do all the things that consumers choose them for. In the second edition of Project Athena, Intel has set out a variety of baseline requirements that meets the needs of modern laptops.

The main points that it includes are:

  • Waking from asleep within a matter of seconds
  • Nine-plus hours of battery life
  • Rapid charging, even with an HD display
  • Connective ports
  • Networking with ease

Not only this, but the nature of the processor is that it is designed for the sleek and slim laptops that so many of us choose to own now. In doing this, they have made a processor that is powerful, but that is going to make sure that the laptop itself is not too bulky or heavy, taking away from the very nature of the design that they will have worked so hard on.


It is thought that there will be as many as 150 product designs that will use the Tiger Lake Chips within them. In fact, there are more than 50 models, with 20 of them being Evo-verified. Some of the big names include Acer, LG, Lenovo, Dell and Samsun amongst so many others.

The thing to remember about modern laptops is that we need so much more from them than we ever did before. We want them to be convenient for our modern lives, but we want to make sure that they are still powerful and able to deliver all of the things that we need them to.

It looks like Intel are doing whatever they can to try and ensure that this happens and we are excited to see what Tiger Lake can bring. We know that processors are the key part of any laptop, which means that we are going to definitely be at the front of the queue, ready to learn more about how these tiny yet mighty processors might change things for us.