Do I need an outsourced it company?

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In a world dependent on technology, future-proofing your business with a solid IT foundation is crucial. The idea of an in-house IT Helpdesk or support team feels like a familiar concept and a reliable resource however, it can be a huge cost due to the staff and maintenance required.

This is one of the reasons many growing companies are outsourcing their IT support. If you’re wondering if this might suit you, here is why you should consider outsourcing your IT support.


When you’re working within a growing organization, your time is precious. Your focus needs to be on your product and your customers, not eaten up by the functionality of your servers, equipment or the security of your network.

By having a dedicated, outsourced Business IT support system, you and your team will gain hours back to focus on your key priorities and overall customer experience. This time allows for higher productivity and peace of mind, as you can rely on your experienced professionals to handle all IT support on your behalf. 


The main difference between an outsourced IT professional and a hired employee is the working relationship. An outsourced individual or agency is typically a contractor. Employees require vetting, enrollment, training, and management.

External IT providers don’t require all of these elements; they come with the necessary skills to get the work done. Employees are paid hourly or based on an annual salary, while outsourced professionals are paid only for the specific job for which they are hired. Outsourcing your IT services is an excellent way to handle time-consuming, specific services.


IT covers a broad range of services. From network monitoring and cybersecurity to technology deployment, cloud integration and more. Hiring staff to monitor all of these services can be costly and a lot to handle.

When you outsource your IT support, your dedicated team of IT professionals work across many different industries. Rather than having an internal employee stretched thinly across many difficult IT areas, your outsourced solution can assign a qualified expert that specializes in the skill needed for the task.

Reliability is also a huge benefit to outsourcing your IT support. With an internal employee, your IT service and projects can be disrupted when an employee is absent, which puts a strain on company resources. With an outsourced IT support company, you never have to worry about a break in service.


When you have a professional IT team on your side, you reduce the chance of server downtime or a cyber attack that leads to a data breach. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your team will also work with you to identify and address gaps in your cybersecurity that could pose a risk to your data.


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